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The Vote 
--- Made through the Latino Film Institute and Netflix's Inclusion fellowship ---

Written/Directed by Sylvia Ray
Produced by: Andrea Porras Madero and Co-Produced by Annie Huang
DP: Mariscela Beatriz Mendez
Editor: Patrick Lawrence

Logline: Amid opposite views, siblings Jessica and Robbie navigate the difficult decision to maintain their mother on life support, ultimately ending in a family vote.

Starring: Leesette Medina & Edgar de Santiago
With: Marilyn Ghigliotti, Jayd Swendseid, Isabella Feliciana, Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson, Manny Martinez Hernandez, Taehee Kim, Cassie Seo, Fox Ryder, Lowam Eyasu, Miguel Perez, Magaly Castellanos

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The Middle 

--- Proof of Concept short film for debut feature film ---

Written/Directed by: Sylvia Ray
DP: Mariscela Beatriz Mendez
Editor: Patrick Lawrence
Produced by: Rodry Soza, Lexx Truss, Victoria Moroles, Epistime Collective, Peter Zhu

Logline: A desert teen tries to escape the consequences of a pivotal night and has to decide between telling the truth and protecting her family.

Starring: Starring: Victoria Moroles, Julio Macias, Edgar de Santiago, Isabella Feliciana, and Chris Ortega

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Our Late Father 

Dir. Sylvia Ray
Created and Written by: EP Cho
DP: Silvia Lara

Logline: After Jin meets not only his father but also unknown family members for the first time, everything becomes confusing and chaotic. Can this dysfunctional group become a family?



Dir. Sylvia Ray
Created and Written by: EP Cho
DP: Silvia Lara

Logline: Isabella's life is flipped upside down after a chance meeting with a bruja.

Starring: Marco Parra & Gabriela Ortega

A Period Piece

Writer/Director: Sylvia Ray
Produced by: Joanna Ke
DP: Jesse Wine

Logline: Cheered on by her best friend, a teen confronts her greatest fear - tampons.

Starring: Selena Castro & Emily Trujillo

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